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As one of the main exporters and manufacturers in tomato paste industry,we produce and sell all kinds of all types of tomato paste with different packing, such as tomato paste raw material in 220L drum or 1000L wooden bin; CANNED TOMATO PASTE, tomato puree, tomato sauce; and diced tomatoes, whole peeled tomatoes,and tomato powder.

We have two factories,one is located in Xinjiang China,where is the main area for high quality industry tomatoes growing. Xinjiang tomato is famous for its quality, delicious taste, fresh red color, high lycopene, high solid material and nutritious contents. This factory mainly produce aseptic packing high concentrated tomato paste in drum or bins with 3 production lines imported from Italy with total processing capacity 3000 mts fresh tomatoes for tomato paste production per day, the products are used for our tomato paste re-packing factory as raw materials.

   The other factory equipped with four imported up to date advanced production lines including filling, sealing and sterilization systems mainly producing CANNED TOMATO PASTE and also soft sachet package for tomato puree, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup with can size from 70gram to 4.5kg and sachet size from 18 gram to 1kg

      Because of the raw materials, the aseptic packing tomato paste, is mainly supplied from our own factory in Xinjiang,from growing of tomatoes in the field to processing into high concentrated tomato paste in aseptic packing until filling into cans, all the procedure is under fully control. With this system, all of our production and products are safety and traceable.

   We always take food safety and health as the first important issue during the food processing. “Safety production” and “Avoiding Contamination” is the basic principle. We aim at supplying  people with high standard, safety and health tomato paste products, constantly create new product for bringing people a more beautiful life.

   We have passed HACCP management system authentication. ISO9000, ISO22000 quality management system authentication, KOSHER, HALAL certification and US FDA registration, which opened  all the roads to the world market for our tomato products. We ensure a top quality at competitive prices.please feel free to contact us.